Climate makes us borderless

15959587_1478887651-488Every so often a historic moment comes that demands strong and committed collective action. I believe we are there, all of us, right now. And normal, day to day life will not do. The world is in a climate emergency, vested interests hold on and refuse to budge. We can’t afford to wait for rescue, we each need to mobilize, for our children….NOW.

Standing Rock in the Dakota Reservation is now Ground Zero in the global battle to halt the destructive Fossil Fuel from plunging us further into enviro-chaos.

American War Veterans are organizing to face off the abusive pro-pipeline military, on 4th December.  They are there voluntarily, for all of us; for the whole world. The whole world can support them. I donated. Please consider backing these veterans, we need them. And please share widely.


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  1. Craig says:

    Robin, THANK YOU–for our environment, for OUR indigenous peoples, for our grandchildren!

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