Renew Fest 2017 at Mullumbimby

For so long I wished for an alliance between the Green Movement and the Children’s Liberation Movement.

How else can humanity evolve towards the interconnected, ecologically integrated society?

So, it finally happened. And I’m thrilled.

And I will be there, speaking and sharing. Lots of incredibly inspiring speakers! A variety of wonderful live music. Buzzy community, zero waste. What a salve for the soul.

Renew Fest, Mullumbimby, 2017. 

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3 Responses to Renew Fest 2017 at Mullumbimby

  1. Nigel Haslam says:

    Hey Robin,
    I was one of the lucky people in your workshop on Saturday morning and was deeply impressed with your depth of knowledge as well as the generosity of spirit and attention you brought to the group.

    Thank you for coming and sharing such wisdom.

    The inner-child process is a nugget of gold as delightful as the work of my other favourite inspirational thought leaders, Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle.

    In the brief session safely guided me to connect with a body memory from childhood which has now been brought into the light where it can heal both me and my relationship with my ten year old daughter, who’s behaviour has been triggering the
    old wound.
    Nigel Haslam

    • Robin Grille says:

      Thank you for sharing that, Nigel. I’m very glad to hear that your Inner Child Journey took you to such an important and vital place, and clearly that reflects also on your courage and intent, on behalf of yourself and your daughter.

  2. Nigel Haslam says:

    My pleasure,
    My friend informs me that your book, Heart to Heart Parenting, covers the range from birth to toddlerhood.. Do you have anything in the pipeline for pre-teens?

    I will work on my own inner-child in the meantime but would appreciate any tools and insights I can find to navigate the troubled waters of adolescence.

    If you find yourself tempted to produce any online training, please consider my video production services. It’s an area I’ve been exploring recently with several clients has great potential for getting your message out there.

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