Listen-in on the Thriving Family Summit

What happens when there is too much information, and not enough realness? We end up feeling guilty and stuck. We don’t need ‘experts’ as much as we need open-ness.

As a parent-educator and writer I don’t get asked this often enough: “what are your own struggles as a father?” .      And there are plenty of struggles; times when my own issues from childhood and adolescence are triggered. Our children help to grow us up, and yes they make us vulnerable, often.    I really appreciate being asked that question at this summit!  And I am glad to have shared my own growth process as a father.

Starting May 22, fourteen parenting visionaries, including myself, are sharing deep, inspiring conversations about how transformation is both possible and even likely. The Thriving Family Summit is presenting daily interviews with leaders in the conscious, peaceful parenting movement for free to all registrants. My interview is May 23, and you can join us HERE. 

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