Troubled by ‘Sleep Training’?

Does the advice to ‘sleep-train’ your baby make you … uncomfortable? Against all the conventions of developmental science, this practice is still being widely recommended. I’ve heard from countless mothers who are heartbroken by ‘controlled crying’ techniques foisted on them, fathers who are angered, and I often hear of awfully distressed babies. despite the ceaseless efforts of international baby-sleep experts, ‘controlled crying’ (under a host of different names) persists.

Good news: this Facebook group has been set up to support you with healthier advice, and the comfort of a hugely growing community of parents who have had it with the culture of denying babies their emotional needs.

Judging by the rapidly growing thousands who join, there must be an enormous level of discontent – and a huge level of devotion to peaceful and nurturing methods.

Check it out: join ‘The Beyond Sleep Training Project’

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