Inner Child Journeys come to India!

Parenting Education in ChennaiGreat news! Parent educators from Chennai, India, have asked me to train them in Inner Child Journey work. They recognized, as many do, that obstacles to empathic and intuitive parenting are not merely about a lack of good info – the blocks are inside us, our unattended emotional wounds. We have begun our online training, and the enthusiasm and tenacity of this group never stops amazing me. They have gathered around a Montessori school community, and are trained by the legendary Ruth Beaglehole (from Aotearoa NZ and LA, USA) in Non-Violent Parenting.

The teaching is mutual. I am being schooled in the ways of a culture that is unfamiliar to me. It’s what we do. We make bridges. Our children’s future forces us to find what is common to all of us, at the centre of our wondrous diversities. And different as we are, the striving for empathic society, a harmonious world – this makes allies of all of us.

I am honored beyond expression, to be given this opportunity to share my work in India. And to learn so much as I go.

Thank you, to the team of Parenting Matters, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

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