After a long Sabbatical: new beginnings …

Just over a year ago,  I shared with you my intention to take a long sabbatical. We left Sydney and travelled in search of a new place to live. So here’s my news: after a wonderful, life-changing, often challenging and tumultuous  journey, we finally re-settled in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. The photo shows Mt Boogeram, our sage and our sentinel, overlooking our home. Blink and you will miss Main Arm, our one-shop village – a huge change of pace for us!

I’ve loved my break, and my seclusion – and at times I’ve missed my work. Having found home again, I am now re-opening my practice, and receiving clients – gradually, just online for now. Starting afresh, with new perspectives, new visions, a little older … my return feels much like a renewal, a re-shaping, a rebirth. And I look forward to increasing my pace when 2022 arrives.

The whole world seems to be in the throes of a difficult rebirth. Humanity’s most urgent concerns are increasingly global in nature; borderless. Old paradigms are clashing with new ones. Communities and societies are coming undone as traditional structures lose their ascendancy. Death and rebirth: always a crisis.

In these turbulent times, may we all find genuine curiosity about each other; an understanding of the diverse fears and dreams that drive our choices. Less polarisation, more connection. May hugs, group dancing and communal gathering return. May we learn to live in harmony with Nature, rather than in dominion over Her. May you and your loved ones enjoy renewal and warm togetherness as 2021 draws to a close, and who knows, perhaps I will see you in 2022. My best wishes to you.


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