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A song inspired by my book. Far out!

I was very touched to receive a message from Tracey Curtis, English singer-songwriter and mother-of-five who wrote a song called: ‘Raising Girls and Boys’ inspired by my book Parenting for a Peaceful World. She writes songs about family, life and … Continue reading

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Relating to adolescents: a new workshop in Coorabell, NSW

I’ve been asked so many times to deliver a workshop about adolescence (12 to 24 years) – and I’m happy to say: it’s finally ready for launch. Great excitement, but also great turbulence and upheaval. No wonder everyone in the family … Continue reading

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Parenting Seminar, coming to northern NSW

How do we connect with our toddlers and children, when their emotions – and our reactions! – can be like a storm sometimes? How do we reach them, inspire them and even heal them, when they can be so wild … Continue reading

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My Podcast on Uplift – Raising Children for a Peaceful Future

I was thrilled to be invited to the Uplift studio at Mullumbimby, NSW, for this lively dialogue with Chip Richards. Sharing it with you: here it is! Alternatively you can click in via iTunes, here. – and select “Raising Children for … Continue reading

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Listen-in on the Thriving Family Summit

What happens when there is too much information, and not enough realness? We end up feeling guilty and stuck. We don’t need ‘experts’ as much as we need open-ness. As a parent-educator and writer I don’t get asked this often … Continue reading

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Renew Fest 2017 at Mullumbimby

For so long I wished for an alliance between the Green Movement and the Children’s Liberation Movement. How else can humanity evolve towards the interconnected, ecologically integrated society? So, it finally happened. And I’m thrilled. And I will be there, … Continue reading

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‘Vive la France’ – and its ‘enfants’!

Mon Dieu, quelle bonheur! France just became the 52nd country to ban all corporal punishment of children, at home or at school. Only 4 countries left till all of Europe is a smacking-free zone. Well, in Italy it is already … Continue reading

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Climate makes us borderless

Every so often a historic moment comes that demands strong and committed collective action. I believe we are there, all of us, right now. And normal, day to day life will not do. The world is in a climate emergency, … Continue reading

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The Trump phenomenon started with childhoods

Can the cultural forces that gave rise to Trump and his anti-environment xenophobic cabinet be explained by….. ….trends in parenting in USA?   I have decided to make my epilogue to Heart-to-Heart Parenting (2012 edition) freely available. Just have a … Continue reading

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Science smacks the smack

I wonder how much more science we are going to need. Is this enough yet? Half a century of research studies, over 160,000 children studied around the world. There is no safe level. Even a bit of a smack is harmful for … Continue reading

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