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After a long Sabbatical: new beginnings …

.  Just over a year ago,  I shared with you my intention to take a long sabbatical. We left Sydney and travelled in search of a new place to live. So here’s my news: after a wonderful, life-changing, often challenging and … Continue reading

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“Inner Child Journeys” goes to Serbia

So this little book decided to go to Europe. First stop: Serbia. I trust it! There must be a reason why it went there first – why? I’m sure we’ll soon find out. But, thanks to Vlad Madic from Esotheria Press, … Continue reading

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Inner Child Journeys practitioner training – at Europe time!

   This one is for all of you in Europe and UK,    we have made our online training at a much more favorable time for you. But, hey, if you are a qualified health practitioner and you are keen … Continue reading

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Free Online Talk for Health Practitioners – Developmental Needs

    This Free Talk is for qualified Health Practitioners, and will include time for Q&A. You’ll need to calculate the time for your part of the world. For more info and to register your interest, CLICK HERE.  I look … Continue reading

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The Inner Child in Parenting, Education and Organization – in China!

An idea whose time has come. The Inner Child (triggered body-memory) is in all our relationships. At home, and at work. Without awareness: discord, confusion, blame. With awareness: healing, flow.        I’m deeply honored to be bringing this … Continue reading

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The Wounded Child behind our ‘politics’

What does Inner Child work have to do with activism and politics? PLENTY!!! We think we make our political choices rationally. But most of our voting, opinionating and activism springs from a much deeper place. If we don’t awaken to our … Continue reading

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The next Inner Child Journeys online practitioner training is up!

Starting in May 2021, this will be our fourth skills-based, evidence-based online training for counsellors, psychologists, health practitioners. Based on my book of the same title, this dialogical process brings release, forward momentum and healing to our relationship conflicts and … Continue reading

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The Inner Child Journey goes online in Hong Kong

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New short-film: about the Inner Child

This beautiful new film, made by a world-traveling friend: sublimely photographed, with a timely message. (Or you might say: one particular lens on the message….) In some ways, it seems synchronistic with a part of my book: “Inner Child Journeys” … Continue reading

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(from quarantine, on the 12th floor, somewhere in Auckland) The road can be such a clarifying teacher. We’re constantly awakening to new and unfamiliar places. Before our eyes open to let in new light, what greets us first is … … Continue reading

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