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New short-film: about the Inner Child

This beautiful new film, made by a world-traveling friend: sublimely photographed, with a timely message. (Or you might say: one particular lens on the message….) In some ways, it seems synchronistic with a part of my book: “Inner Child Journeys” … Continue reading

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(from quarantine, on the 12th floor, somewhere in Auckland) The road can be such a clarifying teacher. We’re constantly awakening to new and unfamiliar places. Before our eyes open to let in new light, what greets us first is … … Continue reading

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Leaving Sandstone Country – Part 2: The Healing Power of Awe

We parked the van, hid our valuables, did the prerequisite tucking and preening to prepare for our trek, and charged with anticipation made our way to the lookout at the start of the trail. The promise of a big horizon … Continue reading

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Inner Child Journeys come to India!

Great news! Parent educators from Chennai, India, have asked me to train them in Inner Child Journey work. They recognized, as many do, that obstacles to empathic and intuitive parenting are not merely about a lack of good info – … Continue reading

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Leaving Sandstone Country – (part 1 of 2)

In times primordial, long before memories and dreams, the Hungry Ocean began to take big bites out of the Land. Each bite would rain a myriad sandy crumbs on the shore, after which he would crunch mightily, churn heartily, gulp … Continue reading

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Greetings from The Road – and what’s next?

Dear Friends The dust is finally starting to settle on a very big life-change I’ve made, finally giving me a window of time, and peace, so I can share this catch-up with you.  Here’s the story. I had come to … Continue reading

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Online practitioner training: ‘Inner Child Journeys’

I’m happy to announce: our third online training group starts soon, October 2020. Based on my handbook by the same title, this skills-based course is for qualified counsellors, psychotherapists and health practitioners. You will be welcome to join our vibrant … Continue reading

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Seychelles prohibits all corporal punishment of children!

Woo-hoo, Seychelles! Children can never again be smacked there, not by parents, not by anyone – it’s against the law. This is the ninth African nation to prohibit. Such great news! The last bastion of domestic violence is that which … Continue reading

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Social and Global Activism – starting from our Inner Child …

I always love podcast conversations with Lisa Reagan from Kindred Media. Here is our latest fireside chat, and once again it gives me great pleasure to share this with you. The real and abiding world-changes begin from way deep inside. … Continue reading

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Inner Child Journeys – Online Training for Practitioners

I’m thrilled to announce the second online training course for practitioners, based on my new book: “Inner Child Journeys”. Join our vibrant and growing community of psychologists, counsellors and coaches and become a Journey Guide. In this evidence-based, practical and … Continue reading

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