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Science smacks the smack

I wonder how much more science we are going to need. Is this enough yet? Half a century of research studies, over 160,000 children studied around the world. There is no safe level. Even a bit of a smack is harmful for … Continue reading

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Pediatrics ramps up support for BF and co-sleeping

In their newest policy statement, the American Academy of Pediatrics (largest in the world) has just issued its strongest statement yet, in support of exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months, and sleeping with baby very close by. Both breastfeeding and … Continue reading

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My Talk on Neurosocial Evolution

…presented at the UNICEF Baby-Friendly-Initiative Conference, Harrogate, UK, November 2015. Take a bit of neuropsychology, some anthropology, a pinch of epigenetics, a dollop of psychohistory, a dash of attachment research and a soupçon of learning theory, blend the mixture and … Continue reading

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My new Music Video: “Exam Nation” –

Right now Australian high school students are preparing for their final exams, the end of a 12 year journey. I wrote this song for them, and really for all students around the world. My song says this: you have a … Continue reading

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Fathering transforms fathers – new study

Attend the birth of your baby, and even if you are standing several feet away, as a Dad you get a high dose of oxytocin, the hormone of love. What a rush. And now, a new study reveals that if … Continue reading

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Conversations on Empathy – and how to pass it forward

Prepare a cup of your favorite tea. Recline in your favorite chair. Hop online, and listen-in for free. Two enjoyable online chats, with Edwin Rutsch from the Centre for Building a Culture of Empathy, in San Francisco. How can we … Continue reading

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Free podcast: how emotional wellbeing can change the world

This was an interview that Tara Darlington just did with me, for Blogtalk Radio. Enjoy!   CLICK HERE

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ADHD is not a disease

For sure, ADHD is a grab-bag description of a broad range of challenging behaviours – but disease it ain’t. So explains Bruce Perry; perhaps the leading and most experienced neuropsychiatric mind in the world. The implications are huge. This suggests … Continue reading

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Is religion good for society?

The Pope’s answer for better behavior is to hit our children – with “dignity”. Does the religious practice of child-beating (Proverbs 23:13-14) make better societies? Let’s see. USA, 1950: only 4% of people were non-religious. Today, 23% are non-religious. A … Continue reading

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Controlled crying helps nurses, not parents.

Despite all that is known today about what babies need, somewhere between 2 thirds to 3 quarters of all infant sleep interventions sold to parents are still about behavioural extinction. In other words, gradually refuse to attend to your crying … Continue reading

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