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Happenings that draw people together in the spirit of community, goodwill and transformation. Acts of human endeavour that will touch your heart, inspire your mind and warm your soul. Social evolution in action.

New short-film: about the Inner Child

This beautiful new film, made by a world-traveling friend: sublimely photographed, with a timely message. (Or you might say: one particular lens on the message….) In some ways, it seems synchronistic with a part of my book: “Inner Child Journeys” … Continue reading

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(from quarantine, on the 12th floor, somewhere in Auckland) The road can be such a clarifying teacher. We’re constantly awakening to new and unfamiliar places. Before our eyes open to let in new light, what greets us first is … … Continue reading

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Greetings from The Road – and what’s next?

Dear Friends The dust is finally starting to settle on a very big life-change I’ve made, finally giving me a window of time, and peace, so I can share this catch-up with you.  Here’s the story. I had come to … Continue reading

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Seychelles prohibits all corporal punishment of children!

Woo-hoo, Seychelles! Children can never again be smacked there, not by parents, not by anyone – it’s against the law. This is the ninth African nation to prohibit. Such great news! The last bastion of domestic violence is that which … Continue reading

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A Leap Forward in Social Evolution

These news could have far, far reaching implications. A profound paradigm shift is underway. The first Surgeon-General in California, Dr Nadine Harris, is a leading advocate for the new understanding that our greatest diseases spring from emotional trauma in childhood. … Continue reading

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NewKind Festival 2019

It’s time, it is most definitely time. For fundamental change. For sure, it is scary to think of how endangered we are if we keep on with business as usual. But it is equally exciting to see the bounty of … Continue reading

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Change Childhood and you Change the World

Great news from researchers! Sometimes legislation can change culture, and transform a society for the better. When a country bans all corporal punishment of children, soon afterwards there is a drop in youth violence rates. Ban corporal punishment and we … Continue reading

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My Podcast on Uplift – Raising Children for a Peaceful Future

I was thrilled to be invited to the Uplift studio at Mullumbimby, NSW, for this lively dialogue with Chip Richards. Sharing it with you: here it is! Alternatively you can click in via iTunes, here. – and select “Raising Children for … Continue reading

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The Biggest Line in the Sand

May 2016, they meet in Dakar. Humanity rolls up its sleeves, and re-greens the biggest desert. Changing the climate. Feeding the hungry. Multi-crops among the trees, in a gigantic, new and bio-diverse forest. From despair come unity and daring. Something … Continue reading

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The New Harmonious Industrial Revolution

So simple…so many of the world’s most frightening problems solved at once… Is this a time for hopelessness and fear, or a time for paradigm-shifting solutions? A farm that RESTORES the environment?? Really??? While feeding a populace, restoring health, providing … Continue reading

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