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Happenings that draw people together in the spirit of community, goodwill and transformation. Acts of human endeavour that will touch your heart, inspire your mind and warm your soul. Social evolution in action.

The Peace Code in the Human Brain – my talk at TedX, Pittwater, Australia

This is why I do the work that I do. This is at the heart of what drives me. I hope you enjoy my TedX talk, it is my best brief condensation of a big message. Sadly the sound quality … Continue reading

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One Fine Day on Byron Bay FM Radio….

Reclining on cane lounges at the Tallow Beach Hotel, Sally Cusack and I took a verbal tour of the parenting terrain…how our children trigger our own childhood emotions, how the moment of our child’s birth transforms us, and… the role … Continue reading

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In conversation with Joseph Chilton Pearce

I’m delighted to share this interview with you. I had the huge honor of sitting with the celebrated author Joseph Chilton Pearce in the home he built with his own hands, among the wooded hills of Virginia USA, in December 2013. Joseph … Continue reading

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Teach your children about SUCCESS

He revolutionized how the world does commerce by inventing Paypal. He created the largest rooftop-solar-panel company in USA. He created the first successful fully electric car, which is also the world’s safest family car, which you can run for free … Continue reading

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Brazil takes a giant leap in child protection!

Today, all Brazilian children awaken to a new reality, where their rights and integrity are respected in a whole new way. This largest (huge!) of South American nations has just become the 38th nation to completely ban all corporal punishment of … Continue reading

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This is incredible!!!

A new city: built of recycled materials, 95% of building waste is reused or recycled. Even the concrete used is very low carbon. Recycled water. Entirely, 100% solar powered, everywhere. Public transport is electric cars, all solar energy. Leading the … Continue reading

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New Chair – New World!

Here is my new task chair. First product ever to be ‘Cradle-to-Cradle’ certified. That means it is at least 98% recyclable. As it is, it is built from 38% recycled content. When I am ready to recycle it – in about … Continue reading

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A new civilization two steps closer today…

One step at a time, maybe, just maybe, social evolution inches the human family closer to a harmonious and just global village. One: the UK just allowed gay marriage.   Two: the International Court of Justice just declared Japan’s whale … Continue reading

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Beyond the ‘Logan’s Run’ solution (snuffing all people over 30 unless they are rich and powerful).

(Part 6 of a 6-part series) So, is there really an ‘overpopulation’ problem? Sure, some places are way too crowded, but that hardly means we have a global overpopulation problem. ‘Overpopulation’ is the wrong way to frame the nature of … Continue reading

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Overpopulation Myth Number Four: “If we all have less babies, then the old people will overwhelm us and blow economies to smithereens. So, either way we are all screwed. I mean, really reeeeeeeeeeeally screwed”!

(Part 5 of a 6–part series) OK, sorry grandma and grandpa. We like you and your cute purple hairdos and fluffy slippers and everything, but we think you are, well… useless. Sorry! But where are we going to put you … Continue reading

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