Inner Child Journeys – online course for health practitioners, new intake coming up!

It’s time to welcome our next cohort of participants for a new “Inner Child Journeys” online training course, Level 1, for counsellors, psychologists, social workers, – and generally all health practitioners.

This skills-based, practical training will add powerful new tools to your healing-and-growth kit. Inner Child Journeying is an ideal resource for relationship-counselling, parent-coaching, trauma-therapy and all growth-oriented interpersonal work.

A growing international community of Journey Guides is gaining wonderful, exciting results with this innovative, highly dynamic and compassionate modality.

Click here for more information, bookings and enquiries.

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Spain stands up to corporations – and protects children

The Spanish government just passed a ban on advertising junk foods and drinks to children – across all media, including social.

Till now, they’d allowed the junk ‘food’ industry to self-regulate. Laugh at that; and the joke is on us: almost all other nations still let the pushers be their own police. Corporate “self-regulation”: a superstition that gave us exploding rates of childhood obesity and a pandemic of inflammatory disorders (diabetes, heart disease, cancers, depression, asthma, etc etc etc etc etc) that, among other things, prime the body for severe or fatal responses to Covid-19.

I’d find myself tied in the same ambivalent knot if I had to congratulate a nation for, let’s say, banning slavery. Or restricting cannibalism. What to say? Three cheers for the reformed abuser? And yet, by comparison, the world – including my own sorry country – makes Spain look like a paragon of child rights enlightenment.

So, for now, I say ‘bravo España’ (and: ‘what took you so long?’).

The tyranny of the normal means smothers outrage before it even gets off the ground. And that’s what the ‘self-regulating’ corporate interest counts on: our benumbed acceptance of a commonly done thing. Notice how the worst swill can start to seem inoffensive somehow, when all our friends and neighbors are feasting on it. And so, our children’s gut biome and immune response are divvied up among advertisers, while we sleep.

What Spain has done goes beyond an early step towards sensible child protection. An elected government has just dared to regulate corporate behaviour. This is nothing short of blasphemy, to the global church of Neoliberalism. ‘A slippery slope towards Godless Communism!’ will cry the priests of the free-market. Well, cry if you must, into your share portfolios, but Spanish kids are no longer so easily for sale. For a slice of that sugary pie, come to Australia, or USA.

This is more than a child rights issue, inescapably it’s a political, economic and social justice issue. Humanity has worked hard to pare back its long and ugly tradition of violence towards children; in schools as in homes. The only way we’ll put a stop to corporate violence against children is to re-take democracy; to immunize government from corporate bribery. For the sake of the world’s children. Until then, I do salute Spain for its courage and leadership.

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After a long Sabbatical: new beginnings …

Just over a year ago,  I shared with you my intention to take a long sabbatical. We left Sydney and travelled in search of a new place to live. So here’s my news: after a wonderful, life-changing, often challenging and tumultuous  journey, we finally re-settled in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. The photo shows Mt Boogeram, our sage and our sentinel, overlooking our home. Blink and you will miss Main Arm, our one-shop village – a huge change of pace for us!

I’ve loved my break, and my seclusion – and at times I’ve missed my work. Having found home again, I am now re-opening my practice, and receiving clients – gradually, just online for now. Starting afresh, with new perspectives, new visions, a little older … my return feels much like a renewal, a re-shaping, a rebirth. And I look forward to increasing my pace when 2022 arrives.

The whole world seems to be in the throes of a difficult rebirth. Humanity’s most urgent concerns are increasingly global in nature; borderless. Old paradigms are clashing with new ones. Communities and societies are coming undone as traditional structures lose their ascendancy. Death and rebirth: always a crisis.

In these turbulent times, may we all find genuine curiosity about each other; an understanding of the diverse fears and dreams that drive our choices. Less polarisation, more connection. May hugs, group dancing and communal gathering return. May we learn to live in harmony with Nature, rather than in dominion over Her. May you and your loved ones enjoy renewal and warm togetherness as 2021 draws to a close, and who knows, perhaps I will see you in 2022. My best wishes to you.


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“Inner Child Journeys” goes to Serbia

So this little book decided to go to Europe. First stop: Serbia. I trust it! There must be a reason why it went there first – why? I’m sure we’ll soon find out. But, thanks to Vlad Madic from Esotheria Press, there it is.

Know anyone in Serbia who would like to get their hands on this translation of my handbook? Here is where they can find it. 

Vidimo se kasnije!
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Inner Child Journeys practitioner training – at Europe time!

   This one is for all of you in Europe and UK,    we have made our online training at a much more favorable time for you. But, hey, if you are a qualified health practitioner and you are keen to join us, then jump in, from anywhere in the world!    

Our international tribe of Inner Child Journey Guides keeps growing, and I look forward to welcoming you in, to learn this wonderful Process together. I am very heartened by the exciting results that are unfolding.     We start in September!

For info and enrollment, here is your link. 

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Free Online Talk for Health Practitioners – Developmental Needs



This Free Talk is for qualified Health Practitioners, and will include time for Q&A.

You’ll need to calculate the time for your part of the world.

For more info and to register your interest, CLICK HERE. 

I look forward to seeing you there, it’s going to be an interesting discussion!

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The Inner Child in Parenting, Education and Organization – in China!

An idea whose time has come. The Inner Child (triggered body-memory) is in all our relationships. At home, and at work. Without awareness: discord, confusion, blame. With awareness: healing, flow.        I’m deeply honored to be bringing this work to China, in an upcoming 4-part webinar series.

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The Wounded Child behind our ‘politics’

What does Inner Child work have to do with activism and politics? PLENTY!!!

We think we make our political choices rationally. But most of our voting, opinionating and activism springs from a much deeper place. If we don’t awaken to our wounded Inner Child’s voice, we are compelled to repeat history in ever new guises. We reinforce polarization. While ‘fighting’ for the ‘good cause’ we perpetuate conflict.

Listen inward, validate our Inner Child’s voice, and we set both ourselves and the world around us free from endlessly vicious cycles.

That’s what I spoke about with Lisa Reagan from Kindred Media you can listen and watch here. You’re invited to add your comments and thoughts and I hope to hear from you. Enjoy!


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The next Inner Child Journeys online practitioner training is up!

Starting in May 2021, this will be our fourth skills-based, evidence-based online training for counsellors, psychologists, health practitioners.

Based on my book of the same title, this dialogical process brings release, forward momentum and healing to our relationship conflicts and challenges. Wonderful for parent coaches and relationship therapists.

I look forward to welcoming you to our growing international community of Inner Child Journey Guides. For enquiries and enrollment, click HERE. 

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The Inner Child Journey goes online in Hong Kong

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